Multi-Metric Groups

Breakout data in charts with multi-metric groups

For Charts, Metrics can be viewed individually, or categorized into a Group. 

If grouped Metrics share the same Area or Bar Chart Type, they will be visually stacked on the Chart. Grouped Metrics help you see how Metrics total together.

In the legend, grouped Metrics will be indicated by being organized in a box. (Ex. Total ARR by component, ARR by Segment, Expenses by Department)

You can group Metrics by selecting ‘Toggle for Group’, then ‘+ New Group’. You can add as many Metrics as you want in a Group. 

Remove a Metric from a group by selecting the 3-dot menu, then clicking Remove from Group. To delete a Group itself, click on the Group name, then Delete. You can also show data labels for all Metrics in a Group.

Click the Group name to show Data Labels for the Group total. 

You can open the Bulk Edit Tool by selecting on a single metric (color box) or the Select Metrics button for a Metric Group.

Changes made in the Bulk Edit Tool will apply to the Metrics selected. Through the tool, you can adjust your Calculation settings, Segments, and Display settings. If all selected Metrics are not already in a Group, you can also ‘Group Metrics.’ Finally, you can delete any Metrics.