Segmenting Metrics

Segments are filters to show a subset of your customer data, and can be used for both Charts and Reports. In the article, when a Chart is mentioned, the same action can be applied to Reports.

Segments can be applied across all Metrics on a Chart, or selected for each Metric individually. On the top left of a Chart is the Segment button, which opens the Customer Segment menu. In the menu, create new Segments or Bulk Apply an existing Segment across all Metrics on a Chart. To the right of each Segment, you can edit, delete, and move the order of Segments.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 2.21.35 PM

(Segment Builder menu)

All Metrics are displayed in the Legend underneath a Chart. Click on the funnel icon to change the Segment for a specific Metric. (If a Segment is not already applied, hover over the 3-dot menu to see the icon.) 

Metrics that have a Segment applied are indicated by a funnel icon. The funnel opens a Quick View of existing Segments that can be applied. 

If the Segment you want to apply doesn’t exist, add a new Segment by going to the Segment Builder above the Chart, or in ‘Edit Settings’ from the 3-dot menu next to a Metric.

(Edit Settings in the legend)

Another option of applying Segments is through our Bulk Edit Tool. Open the tool by selecting on a single metric (color box) or the ‘Select Metrics’ button for a Metric Group.

Changes made in the Bulk Edit Tool will apply to the Metrics selected. Select the funnel icon to apply Segments.

Other settings for Metrics include Display and Calculation Settings.