Display Settings for Charts

Display settings control how a Metric is shown on the Chart. Access Display settings by clicking on the Metric itself or ‘Edit Settings’ in the 3-dot menu to the right of a Metric.

Display settings adjust the following:

Group: Do you want to group your Metric to any other Metrics in the Chart?

Chart Type: How your data will be displayed (Line, Bar, Area, or Stepped Line)

Color: We offer 11 colors ranging from the rainbow.

Minimum and Maximum: Set limits to your Chart axis to a certain range to visualize your data. (Notice how the second Chart has a maximum applied.)


Midpoint: This is the point at which numbers will show as red in the table view. If left blank, cells in the table won't be shaded. (Only applicable for cohorted Charts)

Visible: Turning this setting off will hide your Metric from the Chart.

Show Data Labels: Add the total number for each data point to your Chart.

(Display Settings menu)

Other settings for Metrics include Segment and Calculation Settings.