User Roles

SaaSGrid has 3 roles within an Organization: Admin, Member, and Viewer.

If you create an Organization, by default you are its Admin. Admins and Members share most permissions - both can add/remove Data Sources, Workspaces, and the Dashboards, Charts, and Reports within a Workspace. They can also share Dashboards via invite or a public link. 

However, only Admins can add or delete members and change member roles. 

An Organization requires at least one Admin. If you are the only Admin for an Organization, you cannot remove yourself as Admin until you invite a new Admin or upgrade the role of an existing Viewer/Member. 

Since Members and Admins can select which Dashboards Viewers can see, the Viewer role is a great way to expand SaaSGrid to users with View-only access. In addition, Viewers can’t make changes, which protects data integrity while allowing Viewers to get the information they need.

Below is what a homepage looks like for Members and Admins. You can create and manage Workspaces and Data Sources. You can also link Integrations to SaaSGrid. 

Inside a Workspace, you can create, edit, and share Dashboards. The side panel shows all the existing Reports, Charts, and Plans you can change.

On the top of each Dashboard, you can toggle ‘Visible to Organization’ for Viewers to have access. Otherwise, the Dashboard will not appear on a Viewer’s homepage.

Below is an example of a Viewer's homepage. Viewers have access to selected Dashboards, and not the entire Workspace.  ‘Shared with Me’ lists any Dashboards from other Organizations shared by public links or private invites.

As a Viewer, Dashboards are view-only. (Download permissions can be turned off.)

At the top of Charts, Reports, and Plans, there is limited Display settings related to dates, changing its View, and expanding to full screen.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 9.47.52 AM