Troubleshooting Files

Our most-common issues users run into for Excel or Sheets files.

Excel and Sheets templates are a fast and easy way to get your data into SaaSGrid. Some uploads may have formatting errors that prevent files from syncing with SaaSGrid. Here are some tips to make sure your file is ready for SaaSGrid:

1. Use the SaaSGrid template.

SaaSGrid can't read data directly from your own spreadsheets. Make sure to download or create a template from our website, and add your data there. 

2. Don’t change the default tab names!

The SaaSGrid template is very flexible: you can add as many tabs to the spreadsheet as you want. Many customers create new tabs and add raw data, then write formulas to the main tabs. Just make sure you don’t change the names of the “Customer Revenue,” “Expenses,” or “Attributes” tabs. We use those names to make sure we know where to pull data from.

3. My data isn't appearing on SaaSGrid.

Most times, this is resolved by connecting your file to the appropriate Data Source types. Otherwise, your Workspace does not know to read your spreadsheet for certain tabs.

In addition, if you recently made changes to your Google Sheets, select Sync to update the spreadsheet on SaaSGrid.

Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 11.43.11 AM

4. Don’t remove the Total MRR row.

The “Total MRR” row is there as a gut check on your data to make sure you added your customer MRR correctly. Removing any of the default rows will trigger errors when uploading.

5. When using Sheets, add data before importing.

When you create a Sheets template, make sure to populate it before clicking “Submit” in SaaSGrid. Otherwise you will be adding a blank file, which our system doesn’t know how to interpret.

6. The Demo Data Source cannot be updated. Please create a new data source with your data.

The most common reason for this error is from lack of ownership. Under the ‘Created By’ column in SaaSGrid, should be your name. 

If your spreadsheet is created by SaaSGrid, you wrote your data on top of our Demo Template.  You will need to create a new spreadsheet so that you or another member has ownership.

If your spreadsheet was created by a member/admin who deleted their SaaSGrid account, you will also need to create a new Data Source.

For Google Sheets, you can easily copy over your data by right-clicking on your worksheet, selecting ‘Copy to,’ then ‘Existing spreadsheet.


7. How do I add future months?

Before you download or create a template, make sure to select the first and last month of data you want to include. If you want to add more months to an existing template, select the last two date fields and drag the formula to the right - this keeps the spreadsheet formatting consistent.

If other issues come up, email us at or live chat with us in the product.