Segments and Filters for HubSpot & Salesforce

Note: HubSpot and Salesforce use different names for the same object. HubSpot Companies and Salesforce Accounts are the same, as well as HubSpot Deals and Salesforce Opportunities. For this article, we'll use HubSpot terminology to refer to both HubSpot and Salesforce.

You may want to exclude some Companies or Deals from your SaaSGrid analyses. There may be outliers that skew analyses and metrics which you want to remove from all calculations in SaaSGrid.

An additional way to filter out data from HubSpot is to have a starting date for reading data. You can also indicate if you have any Deals that should always be treated as its own contract.

You can also bring all your HubSpot data into SaaSGrid, then create Segments that break down your data into different views.