Add multiple Customer Data Sources to one Workspace



Your Customers Data Source is where your revenue comes from. In the case your revenue is split across multiple sources, you may want to add a secondary Customers Data Source to your Workspace to have a more complete overview of your business. Your secondary Data Source can be any file or integration which contains Customer data (ex. Excel, Sheets, Stripe, Salesforce). Follow the steps below to add a secondary Data Source to your Workspace.

  Warning: Your two Customers sources must be mutually exclusive (i.e. no Customer can be on both Data Sources).

  1. Go to your Workspaces tab and click on an existing Workspace (2a). (You can also create a new Workspace by clicking on the “+ Workspace” button on the top right corner. (2b))

2a. Select the vertical 3-dot menu to the right of the title of your Workspace in the navigation pane, then click Edit.

Click “Add Secondary +” to add your secondary Customers Data Source.

For removing the Secondary Customers source, select “--None–”.

If you wish to change the primary Customers source, select whichever file you want as your primary, then remove/reselect the secondary Customers source as desired. (Note: you must have at least 1 Customers Data Source for the Workspace to exist.)

2b. For our second example, where you want to add a secondary Customers Data Source to a new Workspace, click on the + Workspace button on the top right, Type in your new Workspace’s title, add your primary Customers Source, and below is the (optional) button to add your secondary Customers Data Source.