Salesforce Start and End Dates

Dates designate the period a contract is active. There are two ways to designate the start date of a contract:

  • Close Date: The date a contract or contract change is agreed to.
  • Contract Start Date: The date a contract or contract change takes effect.

For CRMs, SaaSGrid supports day-of reporting. On any given day, your data will reflect contracts where the start date is earlier than or equal to today and the end date is later than or equal to today.

Regardless of whether Close Date or Contract Start Date acts as its start Date, an Opportunity will always have a Close Date.

In chart settings, you can toggle between using Close Date (Contracted ARR) and Contract Start Date (Live ARR).

There are three ways to designate the end of a contract:

  • Contract End Date: The last day of the contract.
  • Contract Length: The length of the contract in months from the Start Date. If there is no End Date, SaaSGrid will compute it based on Contract Length.
  • Default Contract Length: The length of contracts in months if no End Date or Contract Length is designated.

Start and End Dates can be tracked on Opportunities or Opportunity Products. If Start Date or End Date is on the Opportunity level, then those dates will be used for all Opportunity Products associated with that Opportunity. 

To understand your Date setup, SaaSGrid asks you to map what field you use for your Close Dates (the date sales closes) as well as Contract Start Date (the date a contract takes effect). 

The same is done for End Dates. You will indicate if your data about End Dates is recorded at the Opportunity or in your Line Items, and what Salesforce field is used. You can also set a default Contract Length.

If you have a churn date field for Companies or Opportunity, you can also designate that in SaaSGrid. No MRR will be recorded for a Opportunity past an Opportunity churn date. No MRR will be recorded for the entire company past a Company churn date.

Some of your contracts may be month-to-month. Indicate what (if any) Salesforce field signifies a month-to-month contract. Month-to-month contracts run indefinitely until an End Date or Churn Date is populated.