My data isn't showing up in SaaSGrid!

Note: For each Troubleshooting article, the following content is meant to guide you through the most common solutions to why you are experiencing the issue. If none of the proposed solutions work for you, please reach out to chat or email us at

In the off-chance that your Integration has any missing or incomplete data, here are potential reasons and solutions to get all of your data correctly into SaaSGrid.

  1. Your Workspace may not be connected to your Data Source properly.

    When you first create a Workspace, you only need a Data Source for customer information. As you add more data to a Data Source (most commonly a Files template), or connect more Data Sources to SaaSGrid, your Workspace does not automatically reflect your new data.

    Solution: Go to the three-dot menu at the right of your Workspace title, select the ‘Edit’ button, then confirm whether your Data Source(s) is connected to Accounting Source or Headcount Source as needed.

  2. Go over your Rules for your Integrations. Each Integration (Stripe, HubSpot, Salesforce) has its own set of Rules that set up how SaaSGrid reads your data. At the top of each Integration page, select the three-dot menu, then the button ‘Update Rules.”

    Sometimes how you initially set up your Rules no longer reflects how you want SaaSGrid to interpret your data. Go through your Rules flow to confirm your rules are set up correctly to bring in all your data into SaaSGrid.

  3. Similar to settings for the Data Sources themselves, you should also review your settings for your Chart/Report/Plan. There are a variety of settings that may be limiting what you see on your Dashboard, most commonly Segments or the date range.