Non-Recurring Revenue in CRMs

SaaSGrid recognizes both recurring and non-recurring revenue from CRMs. There are two ways to specify that an Opportunity/Deal has non-recurring revenue:

  1. A separate field can track if the amount listed is non-recurring revenue. For this method, an Opportunity/Deal can have either recurring or non-recurring revenue, or both!
  2. Fields can be mapped to Opportunity/Deal Types, which are either "New Contract", "Contract Amendment", "Renewal", “One-Time Revenue" or “Ignored”. The mapping determines which category the amount will be applied to. Any non-recurring revenue should be mapped as “One-Time Revenue.”

Depending on how recurring revenue is tracked (either by Opportunities/Deals or Line Items), non-recurring revenue will follow the same method. 

If you use Opportunities/Deals to track Contracts, you can indicate in the mapping above or select the specific Opportunity/Deal field in a separate question below.

If you use Line Items to track Contracts, SaaSGrid allows you to map Line Items as recurring or non-recurring revenue. There will be an additional mapping setting where you can customize your Line Items as “Recurring Revenue,” “One Time Revenue,” or “Ignore.”

Finally, you can choose how SaaSGrid recognizes your non-recurring revenue: the entirety in the first month or spread across the service period.