FAQs from Stripe

Here are important FAQs regarding Stripe set-up. No additional action is required; you can click on the ‘Create Data Source’ on the bottom right to complete Stripe set-up.

How does sales tax affect calculations?

SaaSGrid computes MRR gross of sales tax. In the future, you will be able to subtract collected sales tax from MRR.

What if I bill in multiple currencies?

SaaSGrid currently does not support currency conversions. The revenue in SaaSGrid is simply the sum of all invoices. If you have customers being billed in multiple currencies, your revenue will not be accurate. You can adjust the display currency for your dashboards on the data source page.

I have a question about my Stripe integration that I can't answer via the Help Center articles.

Email us at support@saasgrid.com or live chat with us in the product! We also have our Metrics Library that defines Metrics we calculate on SaaSGrid.