Append custom Attributes to Customers from Stripe



Customers imported from Stripe by default don't have many Attributes on which to segment. With our new feature, you can upload custom Attributes to Customers which will allow you to create additional metadata tags. These Attributes can create different views that can help you better understand your data.

There are two ways to add Attributes. You can use our Spreadsheet template or do so on SaaSGrid directly. The first method is recommended if you are adding Attributes for many Customers at a time, whereas the second is recommended for updating an Attribute for one/few Customers. Each option is covered separately below.

Method 1: Use our Excel/Sheets template to add your Attributes, which you then upload to SaaSGrid.

1. Click on the Data Sources tab on the left side of the app, then select your desired Data Source.

2. Select the vertical 3-dot menu on the top right, then click Update Attributes.

3. Select whether you would like to update your Attributes via our Excel or Sheets template. Note: To upload via Sheets, you will need to connect your Google Drive account if you have already not done so.

4. Download the template, and add new Attributes to new columns. 

5. Go back to SaaSGrid and upload your completed Template.

6. Click Submit.

Note: If there are any mismatches in Customer information for the Customers (id) and Customer Name tab, the file will result in an error.

Method 2: Update an existing Attribute(s) on SaaSGrid manually.

1. Go to your Data Source and select the Customer for which you want to create an Attribute or update an existing one.

2. Click the Edit button at the end of all the Attributes.

3. Add new Attributes or delete existing ones as needed.