CRM Issue Types

SaaSGrid automatically audits your CRM data and flags potential issues to help improve data hygiene. 


Issues arise from the Opportunity level, and have two levels: warnings and errors. 

Warnings are notifications of potential inaccuracies in your data. Opportunities with warnings are still included in your ARR. On the other hand, errors indicate any Opportunities that could not be included in your ARR. This is because there is too much information that is missing for the customer, or processing the customer will lead to inaccurate calculations. 

Issue Types 

Contract Match (Warning)

Message: “We were not able to associate this Closed Won 'Renewal' Opportunity with another Opportunity. This is likely because the 'Start Date' of this Opportunity does not align closely enough with the 'End Date' of another Opportunity. To resolve, consider updating Opportunity dates or categorization in your CRM and resyncing.”

A Renewal Opportunity needs to be matched to an existing Opportunity, otherwise it is considered a net new contract. SaaSGrid can connect a Renewal Opportunity to another Opportunity if its start date is close to the end date of an existing contract. You can resolve a Contract Match warning by correcting your start date of the new contract to match the end date of the former contract.

Contract Overlap (Warning)

Message: “The 'End Date' of Opportunity (opportunity id) overlaps with the 'Start Date' of Opportunity (opportunity id). During this overlap, we are including MRR from both Opportunities are in your data. If this is not correct, edit the 'End Date' or 'Start Date' in your CRM and resync.”

This warning indicates when SaaSGrid finds a potential renewal contract that overlaps with an existing contract. By default, SaaSGrid will record MRR from both your original contract and its possible renewal during its overlapping months. If there should not be overlapping dates, update your contracts in your CRM account with the correct dates. If your customer has two contracts with overlapping dates, there is no need for further action.

Missing Data (Error

Message: "We were not able to include this Opportunity in your data because (field_name) was blank."

There are missing fields that are critical to customer information (ex. Contract amount). Without these fields, SaaSGrid cannot model the contract. Correct this error by populating the customer information in your CRM.

Contract Gap (Warning)

Message: “There is a gap between the 'End Date' of the contract (previous opportunity name)  and the ‘Start Date' of the renewal (renewal opportunity name). The gap is less than 1 month, so we are not showing this customer as having churned and added a Bridge Contract to fill the gap. Please confirm if this is the desired behavior for this customer." 

This warning arises when there is a gap and the gap is less than one month between the end date of the previous contract and the start date for the next. In this case, SaaSGrid creates a Bridge Contract so that the customer does not show as churned then resurrected. If a Bridge Contract should be applied, there is no need for further action.


All issues are either resolved or unresolved. All issues are unresolved until the check box is manually selected in the Resolve column or the issue is corrected on your CRM. 

For best practice, correct any warnings and errors in your CRM account if they reveal any inaccuracies in your data. However, for warnings, if the message is not applicable, you can manually select the check box for ‘Resolved.’