Coupons in Stripe

Coupons are discounts you can give to Customers. They can be applied once, repeating for a certain duration, or forever (for the entire Subscription).

By default, we do not subtract the value of Repeating or Once Coupons from MRR. If Repeating and Once coupons are included, after the limited time the coupon is applied for, the next month’s MRR would jump up to the price without the discount. This may inaccurately reflect expansion in customers after the coupon expiration. For this case, you would book the coupon value as a marketing expense to reconcile the expansion.

The discount for coupons with a forever duration will apply to MRR because it has a permanent impact on MRR’s calculation. 

You can read Stripe’s documentation on coupons for subscriptions here.

On SaaSGrid, coupons are reflected under the Customer Detail Page with the coupon name, and the amount of dollars discounted.